Our History

All it takes is quieting your heart and listening to the will of god

Early in 2010 while visiting family in Milford Connecticut Tom Ely, a member of Pluckemin Church, was introduced to a member of the First United Church of Christ. During their conversation he learned of the Emma Davis Medical Equipment Ministry That was it, the seed was planted.Upon returning home Tom floated the idea to another member of Pluckemin Church, Dave Hayward. Immediately, a trip was planned for an information gathering session with the leaders of the Emma Davis Medical Equipment Ministry. Excited with the prospects of beginning a similar ministry at Pluckemin Church they put together an action plan and presented it to our Session (the leaders of the church) for approval The Session approved their plan and the Pluckemin Medical Equipment Ministry opened in June of 2010 with an announcement calling for medical equipment donations and volunteers in the church's monthly newsletter, The Pluckemin News. Soon after their first donation was received, a wheelchair, which was donated out to an individual in need the same day.

A quiet heart, listened to the call of God and planted the seed at Pluckemin Church, It was nurtured by volunteers, cultivated in the community, and has grown exponentially. Growing from a few hundred calls per year to over 3500 calls in 2021, the Pluckemin Medical Equipment Ministry is known all over New Jersey and been able to touch countless lives. We are grateful to the support and partnership with Pluckemin Church . It is not hard to see God working in this Church and in this Ministry.

Our Mission

Our mission statement

Dedicated to improving the lives of our clients and their families through the redistribution of used medical equipment and supplies, at no cost to them.

Giving away free medical equiment since 2010

Life takes unexpected turns and at one time or another we find ourselves needing or know someone who needs some piece of medical equipment. Many times it comes as an out of pocket expense that is difficult to afford. The Pluckemin Medical Equipment Ministry is there to help provide what you need at no cost.

Hospital beds, wheelchairs, scooters motorized wheelchairs, crutches, canes, rolling tables, transport chairs…

Shed Pick Up Area

Sometimes we know it is difficult to get to the ministry on Saturday's. Don't worry we have you covered. We have two sheds on the property, lovingly called Shed 1 and Shed 2. In the event you cannot pickup on Saturday, our phone representative may instruct you to pickup your equipment from one of the sheds. Please pay attention to which shed they instruct you to take your equipment from.

Equipment Pick Up Area

The easiest way to enter the property to pick up your equipment is by turning into the drive near the Habitat for Humanity Offices. Proceed slowly past their office building and park head first in the pickup/loading area. You will be met by a volunteer to assist you.

Saturday Equipment Pick Up

  • Scroll below to see directions to the ministry
  • You cannot be allowed into any of our buildings at this time.
  • Arrive at your scheduled date and time.
  • Use caution when driving on the property. Watch for parking instructions from the volunteers.
  • Please be aware of changing traffic flow.
  • Turn off your motor.
  • Please sign the Equipment Pick up and Release Form Liability Form.
  • Please have empty space prepared in your vehicle for the equipment you are about to receive.
  • Equipment will be loaded by volunteers.
  • Exit as instructed.